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Who We Are

thinktum Inc. is a technology venture company with a strong commitment to innovation, leadership and a responsibility to give back to the communities in which we serve.



The definitions of the root words unite to form “thinktum”, and that serves as a mantra leading our work…

think·ing /’THiNGkiNG/ the process of using one’s mind to consider and / or reason critical thought.

quan·tum ‘kwän(t)∂m/ In physics, quantum theory and quantum mechanics are concerned with the behaviour of atomic particles. Both quantum mechanics and chaos theory suggest a world constantly in flux.

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We strive to accelerate the research and development of innovative technology solutions through partnerships and angel investment that serve the greater good of humanity.

We know right?! Broad, bold and we love it. And we want to do all of this within an ecosystem that’s sustainably vibrant and entrepreneurial spirited.

who we are

Our Approach

What we love

We adore the Canadian technology ecosystem and we’re proud to participate on so many fronts. Through our journey, we’ve met amazing and like minded people, who similarly have a soft spot for helping fellow humans. We soon recognized that our conversations, with many entrepreneurs and academics, evolved to doing more, together.


Transform the human experience through innovations and collaborations that support the benefit of people everywhere by providing technologies for good that foster the human spirit.

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We thrive on Collaboration, Research & Development

In addition to our passion for Cybersecurity, Digital Solutions, Insurtech and Social Innovation, we look for continuous opportunities to build our capabilities in emerging technologies that we can use for good.

Targeting Thinktum 2021

We are building our skilled capabilities in the following technologies:

Targeting thinktum

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