Digital Solutions

thinktum has a network of partners that help bring unique and leading edge solutions to various industries throughout the world.


Human Integrated Chatbot

thinktum works with leading technology companies to design and develop a conversational experience. Each chatbot we create is customized to your unique needs and developed to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Interactions will feel natural, introducing new opportunities for today’s business to improve the customer experience.

Thanks to advances in machine learning and natural language processing, our chatbots are designed to continually learn and improve. This ensures you stay at the cutting edge of ever-changing customer and business demands.


Data Analytics

Collection, Reporting & Actionable Insights

thinktum incorporates data analytics into all solutions in order to better understand the customer’s journey and utilize data to continue to move your business forward.

We ensure that data is what drives all strategic and operational decisions – from behavioural analytics that drive higher conversion to marketing attribution analysis that provides accurate analysis of marketing efforts.

In-house Cloud Hosting service.

Cloud hosting allows sites and accounts to add or reduce resources such as bandwidth, storage and RAM to be maintained by a network of multiple servers.

Businesses of all sizes should be investing in robust disaster recovery, but for the small to medium size businesses, there is often a lack of expertise and funds. The cloud provides a cost effective solution using third party expertise. Because your data is in the cloud, it can be accessed no matter what happens to your machine.

The beauty of the cloud is your servers are off-premise, out of sight and your software automatically updates.


We are 

co-creation partners!

We partner with innovative organizations and research groups to develop uniquely positioned technology solutions that move humanity forward.

We partner with like-minded companies, who are best in class, that focus on the customer journey and the interactive relationships that lead to memorable lasting experience and lifetime customer value.

The integrated cooperation and use of customer-based metrics as a foundation for measuring success and boost the chances of success by incorporating the customer further into the development process. 


thinktum’s AudienCE platform offers simplification to all aspects of course delivery, attendance tracking and individualized certifications tracking.

Uniquely designed to support companies, conferences, content providers and individual professionals, AudienCE offers:

  • All the tools needed to manage courses in one convenient dashboard
  • Event Creation templates
  • Custom online registration pages
  • Automated Check-in and Check-out
  • Attendee Rosters
  • Onsite and online tracking
  • Automated digital certificate creation and digital distribution
  • Responsive design for ease of use on tablets and mobile phones
  • Course and Instructor evaluations
  • Data Exports and API integrations
  • Management reporting and analytics
  • English and French certificates, event communications and registrations

Virtual Data Centre

Infrastructure services that incorporate the most important virtual and private data centre capabilities, including workload scalability and self-service functionality. While there are many cloud providers on the market, the actual deployment and long tail outcomes are not always clear. Popular hyper clouds for example, while offering a highly diverse selection of services, are not well understood, even by domain experts.

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