dimmpl Makes It Easier for Customers to Buy Insurance

dimmpl increases sales for insurance companies for one simple reason: it meets customers where they’re at.

We’ll explain what we mean.


dimmpl Features

The dimmpl Platform

Insurance sales usually require in-person meetings so the insurance broker or advisor can explain every detail about the insurance package the customer might purchase.

In one sitting.

We love insurance, you love insurance, but most customers don’t love insurance.

We know, we don’t get it either. But we have to acknowledge that by the time the customer has to sign, the advisor has often either lost them, or the customer has fallen asleep or uttered those horrific last words, “Let me talk to my spouse,” and disappeared into the black hole of spousal conversations, never to be heard from again.

dimmpl Reduces the Pressure of Insurance Sales

Customers feel pressured in a situation like that, with a contract and pen staring them in the face after an hour of listening to a presentation they barely understand that includes charts and numbers and worst-case scenarios. (Insurance does, after all, often deal with death.)

dimmpl gives customers the freedom to learn about insurance where and when they feel most comfortable: in their home, at the cottage, in the park…it doesn’t matter, so long as the location relaxes them. They can also review the information with their spouse or any other trusted friend or family member. However, they’ll have the name and contact information of an insurance advisor the entire time. The customer can call or email whenever they want.

Or they can purchase their insurance all on their own.

Everyone’s comfortable, no one’s falling asleep, and advisors no longer need to be concerned about those black holes.

dimmpl Offers Advisors Convenience

Meeting customers face-to-face, answering phone calls, responding to emails… These activities all take time. Advisors enjoy helping their customers, because that’s what makes an excellent advisor. (Heck, it’s even in the job title: advising.) But we asked ourselves a few questions:

  • What if advisors could help more people without burning out?
  • What if advisors could look after sick family members without canceling all their appointments for a day or two?
  • What if advisors could sell more policies without feeling like they were pressuring customers?

dimmpl made all these scenarios come true. Keep reading and we’ll explain how.

Your Advisors Have Control Over Their Channels

Each advisor can create their own branded website with dimmpl and interact with potential customers using whatever channels of communication work for them. This means no info@ email address someone forgets to check: your company’s potential customers are getting personal contact details for someone they can turn to when they’re ready to speak to a person.

Integration With Your Existing Architecture

dimmpl works with your email system, allows for customized triggers, tracks open rates, produces bounce and acceptance reports, and more. These features ensure all customers hear back from your company.

Your insurance advisors can truly create workflows customized to their personalities and preferences, which will help them increase sales.

In our first implementation of dimmpl, 2,500 advisors registered for the platform and dimmpl accounted for 10% of sales within eight months.

We’d love to show you how dimmpl can help your company increase sales.

Electronic Policy Delivery

Electronic Policy Delivery

Say Good-Bye to Paper

In the bygone days of insurance sales, brokers and customers needed to meet face-to-face to sign mounds of paper. But social innovation is why we exist, and we’ve developed legally sound e-document workflows that save trees and driving time (and therefore gas).

dimmpl allows your broker or advisor to easily send documents to a client while alerting anyone else on the team, including the managing general agent, that the message was sent. As with dimmpl’s email integration, you can track open rates, bounce rates and confirmed acceptance reports via the administrative interface. The process also comes with full traceability evidence reporting for audit and legal bindings.

We know many advisors enjoy meeting their customers face-to-face. That’s not a problem. All documents can be signed electronically, still eliminating the need for paper.


Meet Sophie


Say hello to Sophie: she’s your online personal helper and insurance expert. But aside from being an effective acronym, Sophie also means “wisdom” in Slavic. We’ve designed her to help your customer service representatives, insurance advisors, underwriters, and even your customers. You’d be surprised at what she can do.

Sophie answers questions about product eligibility, the meanings of insurance terms, and more. She can even provide customers with quick—but still detailed!—quotes. She’s conversational artificial intelligence and can speak with your customer service representatives, underwriters, advisors, and customers in English, French, and Spanish. She also integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

In short, Sophie helps everyone get the answers they need when they want them. If your customer is awake in the middle of the night and wants to research insurance, Sophie’s ready to answer their questions.

But what if your advisors have questions for your underwriters? She can answer many of those, too, thereby saving both valuable time.

And she doesn’t even take a coffee break.


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