We were born in Insurtech and it’s never far from our hearts. Whether you are looking for a full platform to support your business online or just need specific support, our modular toolsets can help you drive your business forward.


The dimmpl Platform

A plug and play modular enterprise platform that supports true end to end functionality via multiple distribution models. Whether it be face to face or non- face to face, dimmpl will support you from early prospecting straight through to policy delivery.

eApplication to eSignature to eDelivery

dimmpl makes selling products online easy. Whether it be via a direct to consumer environment or an affiliate program for advisors, our modular platform has an answer that will suit your needs

Increase sales with our new business system

It’s more than just an e-application. With omni-channel support that allows advisors to sell products in person, directly online,  online with advisor assistance or by phone, CASTANET helps you to enhance the user experience in all your distribution channel.

From traditional face to face to direct online distribution. CASTANET offers advanced, user-friendly sales and engagement tools that optimize advisor performance and customer experience.

thinktum’s CASTANET platform provides a single environment with multiple distribution options and is an integral part of the end-to-end processing functionality of the dimmpl platform.

Automated Underwriter Chatbot & how it will advance your business

thinktum’s underwriting chatbot enables businesses to provide eligibility answers and quotes to advisors & customers 24/7 365 days of the year. Never miss that sale again.

With multilingual and voice support, advisors from across the country can easily determine product fit through a smartphone, Alexa or Google assistant.


E-Delivery with best-in-class Analytics to close the loop

Put an end to paper delivery!

Digital Distribution

Easily send documents to a client while at the same time alerting the broker/advisor and or the MGA that the message was sent. Track open rates, bounce reports and confirmed acceptance reports via our administrative interface.

Full Acceptance Traceability

CATAPULT not only confirms email delivery acceptance but the document acceptance itself follows the same protocols of our digital signature process. Therefore, it comes with full traceability evidence reporting for audit and legal bindings.

Optional Client Portal

CATAPULT also has a Client Portal add-on with credentials management.  Deploy your documents to a managed secure area while also providing access to other client focused processes and forms.


thinktum’s AudienCE platform offers simplification to all aspects of course delivery, attendance tracking and individualized certifications tracking.

Uniquely designed to support companies, conferences, content providers and individual professionals, AudienCE offers:

  • All the tools needed to manage courses in one convenient dashboard
  • Event Creation templates
  • Custom online registration pages
  • Automated Check-in and Check-out
  • etc.