Our mandate is to accelerate the research and development of innovative technology solutions, through partnerships, that advance the sectors that serve the greater good of humanity.


Its About More Than Money… Its About Making A Difference.


The definitions of the root words unite to form “kinvesting”, and that serves as a mantra leading our work…

kin·dred / ’kin-drəd/  of a similar nature or character

in·vest·ing / in-ˈvest / to involve or engage especially emotionally

Investing In Like -Mindedness

We are not a venture capital firm, nor even an angel investor by definition, but we do partner with start ups to scale quickly with the help of our in house resources. And for the truly aligned, we can help find small capital injections to get to MVP or Product Launch. This is where we coined the phrase ”kinvesting”.

We partner with entrepreneurs and teams that share our philosophy and values:

  • Innovation for Humanity: your idea or technology moves society forward and betters humankind
  • True Partnership: you are looking for a partner to make your new company successful; we do not simply make investments
  • More Than Cash: you recognize you need skills and resources to compliment your current offering
  • Building A Business: you want to build a business that provides good jobs for Canadian, helping your community, your province and your country. If you are focused on the next found of funding or a quick sale, you are not the droids who we are looking for


We believe in helping start up friends who are like minded with our innovation for humanity mission and provide them with a viable opportunity to help them accelerate on their own start up dreams.

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