Our Insurance Solution provides a complete end to end online insurance experience.

Our insurance platform provides advisors with the ability to work with clients through e-xplore, e-application,
e-signature, e-policy in a simple non face-to-face environment.

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Our ChatBot

With the onset of Covid19 the majority of the population has been forced to work from home.  Chatbot technology has helped to fill the gap when the interaction with apps has exponentially taken off.


The lack of a properly constructed cybersecurity posture within many enterprise organizations increases the risk of theft and intentional/unintentional loss of data and intellectual property.

⚠️ COVID-19: An Announcement from Thinktum Inc.

thinktum’s Culture is based on Innovation for the Good of Humanity

We advance ideas, systems, companies and strategies through funding, co creation, product development, security posturing, and extensive hands on support for vision driven businesses and entrepreneurs.

We live under the tech for good banner but prefer our take on it which is innovation for humanity. Our mandate is to focus our efforts on projects that support or will have an impact on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals whenever possible.

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Insurance companies are familiar and generally prepared for handling major loss events, including pandemics like COVID 19. What is new to the insurance industry is a non face to face connection with current and potential clients. COVID 19 is a reminder that life events can emerge quite quickly, and it is prudent to secure coverage ahead of time.

Data Analytics

Customer data has never been more important. The customer journey dictates everything when it comes to experience, loyalty and service. It is important to ensure all data is captured, analyzed, reported and action taken on those critical insights.


COVID 19 has widened the use of chatbot technology. Chatbots offer the ability to provide targeted curated information. When we emerge from this crisis, chatbots are likely to become an integral part of the insurance underwriting process. Chatbots initially gather information that is crucial for the underwriting process and can alleviate long lead times.

Cyber Security

 The impact of COVID 19 will have long term affects and educating users is key in keeping your organization safe.

It is crucial that users are trained in how to recognize potential online security threats and that measures are in place to protect your most valuable assets.

The thinktum Cybersecurity Assessment!

1 / 20

Does your organization have a wireless network, or do employees or customers access your internal systems from remote locations?

2 / 20

Does anyone in your organization take company-owned mobile devices (e.g., laptops, smartphones and USB drives) with them, either home or when travelling?

3 / 20

Does your organization use Cloud-based software or storage?

4 / 20

Does your organization have a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy that allows employees to use personal devices for business use or on a company network?

5 / 20

Are any employees allowed access to administrative privileges on your network or computers?

6 / 20

Does your organization have critical operational systems connected to a public network?

7 / 20

Does anyone in your organization use computers to access bank accounts or initiate money transfers?

8 / 20

Does your organization store sensitive information (e.g., financial reports, trade secrets, intellectual property and product designs) that could potentially compromise your organization if stolen?

9 / 20

Does your organization digitally store the personally identifiable information (PII) of employees or customers? This can include government-issued ID numbers and financial information.

10 / 20

Is your organization part of a supply chain, or do you have supply chain partners?

11 / 20

Does your organization conduct business in foreign countries, either physically or online?

12 / 20

Has your organization ever failed to enforce policies around the acceptable use of computers, email, the Internet, etc.?

13 / 20

Can the general public access your organization’s building without the use of an ID card?

14 / 20

Is network security training for employees optional at your organization?

15 / 20

Can employees use their computers or company-issued devices indefinitely without updating passwords?

16 / 20

Has your IT department ever failed to install antivirus software or perform regular vulnerability checks?

17 / 20

Can employees dispose of sensitive information in unsecured bins?

18 / 20

Would your organization lose critical information in the event of a system failure or other network disaster?

19 / 20

Can employees easily see what co-workers are doing on their computers?

20 / 20

Has your organization neglected to review its data security policies and procedures in the last year?

Your score is

COVID-19: Remain Secure

As the impact of the rapidly spreading coronavirus increasingly disrupts our lives, we are all desperate for additional information, information that may help get accurate information about related infections, deaths and transmissions, as well, as government take actions to combat the virus. We want information that will help us with our own concerns, understand how it may impact us, our families and communities and our well-being. For more information, download our whitepaper on how you can ensure you remain secure.