David Slabodkin

Stylized image of a close-up of David Slabodkin.
thinktum-editor | March 21, 2023


“Innovation for Humanity” is the cornerstone of David’s undertakings. It is also the foundation on which thinktum was built and it acts as a mantra guiding our path daily.


He began his insurance career in insurance sales and by the late 1980s, he designed, marketed, and developed products for a number of insurers in North America. Then he founded Canada Protection Plan (CPP) in 1992. David invests in technology companies and sits on numerous Boards. He founded thinktum in 2018 and continues to be involved with mentoring the team and providing expertise where needed.

Fun fact: David has founded and supports many charitable organizations and causes. His focus is grounded in improving lives and livelihoods throughout North America, with recent focus on South America.