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Blog | thinktum-editor | March 8, 2023

There are many technology firms out there in Insurtech-land that only have a handful of insurance experts on hand, if any. At thinktum, most of our leaders either come from extensive careers in insurance, or have insurance knowledge and first-hand experience. They know the pitfalls you’re up against, and help create & develop meaningful value for today’s organizations like yours.

We’re industry leaders

thinktum is not your average technology vendor. Our team is made up of underwriting experts, Actuaries, technologists, Data Scientists, Full Stack Developers, and many more. Our solutions are built, tested, and continually improving. We believe in creating long-term equitable partnerships that provide value to both sides of the sales equation. We know the insurance business but more importantly, we know technology too. This ensures we understand your business, your needs, current issues & hurdles, and just how bright the future is.

At thinktum, we don’t just sell software then disappear. We develop deep bonds with our partner organizations in order to better understand their present and future challenges, human resource constraints, as well as legal and reputational issues.

Our staff are available before & during modeling or a deployment, and can be brought in to provide business consultation services for any knowledge or experience gaps that may exist in our partner organization. No matter what our partners need, we strive to ensure a successful relationship for both businesses. Our industry experts can also be your own (for a little while, anyway).

Augmentation and liz assess, a powerful marriage of form and function tells how we use tech, not how tech uses us.

Distribution assistance

Many distribution firms have legacy technologies and outdated processes that they require their partners and clients to deploy. Single technologies mean everyone uses the same software for training and ease of use. In some cases, that technology may be insufficient or incompatible, then what? At thinktum, we understand your issues and concerns because we’ve been in your shoes.

It can take what seems forever to cascade some outdated technologies across an entire business horizon and many software solutions do not play well with others. In some cases, by the time an organization gets the software installed, it can be time to update everything, tying up technical staff for even longer. With thinktum, our technology can be deployed quickly & easily, and business experts can usually begin using the system in less than a single day.

Modernizing technology can go a long way to ensure firms within a Distribution Group hit their business goals. It’s all laid out in Supercharging distribution groups with thinktum.

We’re product pricing pros

Pricing solutions & products is both an art and a science. Too many permutations exist, making it nearly impossible to be effective without the right experience under your belt. That’s because every insured person is different and deserves a product that’s fitted to their needs, with a price that reflects the potential risk – meaning if there is more risk, the insurer can offer a lower-priced policy, raise premium prices, or even request a policy review by a human underwriter. Younger folks signing up can perhaps be offered higher policy amounts because of their age and health status. If a larger policy isn’t required, these same folks can be offered lower premiums to entice them. When additional risk is on the table, insurers have many options, including offering a smaller policy, raising premium prices, or requesting a policy review by an Underwriter. It’s their job to manage the risk involved and they are experts.

In some cases, younger (read: healthier) applicants can be offered policies with higher face amounts and lower premiums based on their age and declared health conditions.

Expert support & consulting

At thinktum, our leaders work with one foot in insurance and the other in technology. It’s a valuable combination that provides seamless support and assistance to our partners. Because we built liz, we’re best able to assist insurers in integrating the modules efficiently, along with easy deployments.

If additional assistance is required after deployment, we’ll provide whatever you need. After all, we can’t be successful without our clients being successful also.

So in the end, you can focus on running your business, while we focus on helping to make your business easier to run. That is a huge difference, and one we stand behind every day.

Get a detailed breakdown of our glass-box tools in thinktum’s liz suite.