Three times faster technology integration and deployment with liz

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Blog | thinktum-editor | March 30, 2023

Adding software onto existing infrastructures used to cause so much anxiety and worry. How will the new tech be installed? How compatible is it with our other software? With the liz suite, installation happens via API, is safe, and can occur in almost no time at all. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with your existing software or technology. But yes, it will be compatible, as it just sits on top of your existing ecosystem.

Planning for obsolescence

In most large organizations, it can take months (and months!) to plan and deploy new software. It begins with the realization of a significant problem that can be solved technologically. In time, demos are watched, and conversations had. Then, finally – after a long list shifts to a short one for even more scrutiny, a new vendor or solution is chosen. This is typically the hard part: tons of vendor-client conversations, training, deployment, maintenance, and testing. Of course, all that traditionally takes months. Once the Developers, Quality Assurance, Project Management, User Acceptance Testing, and all of the required IT resources get involved, the process slows even more, like molasses in January. And that’s not even counting the Change Management that should take place to ensure staff are comfortable using the new infrastructure.

How many times have we heard, “If it’s not complex, it can’t be robust!”? That friends, is a myth our liz suite happily debunks.

We show you what to look for in a tech vendor here: A blueprint for finding the right technology partner.

Easy peasy integration

thinktum’s liz suite is delivered as a SaaS that just sits on top of an organization’s existing technology infrastructure. Deploy the first module in a single month, add a second module to be deployed the following month, while the third can be added a month after that. All three modules can be up and running within a single quarter, which is nearly unheard of in tech and business circles.

And we don’t mean partially implemented, but fully deployed and ready to go. Anyone granted the credentials can monitor the API and ensure the software is installed and functioning perfectly. Once that’s done, it’s ready to go. Our easy drag-and-drop technology ensures IT resources aren’t required.

That ease of use is built into every liz module.

Apart from seamless integration, the business also receives powerful tools that make up the suite, including:

  • liz flow’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, enabling flow edits and testing whenever required.
  • liz assess provides a tailor-made user experience with both triage and a hyper-personalized underwriting rules engine.
  • liz data delivers AI-driven data analytics and provides powerful real-time alerts. All delivered in a quick-glance-friendly dashboard.

The best part is we’ve made liz so intuitive that the learning curve is almost flat due to how easy the system is to get started on. Business users can be up and running with liz in a matter of a few hours. Honest.

Lightning-fast deployment

Deploy liz whenever you’re ready – no need to pre-schedule your tech resources because they just aren’t required. It takes almost nothing to get the software up and chugging along and adapting flows is just as painless. Simply open a flow, experiment, and tinker to your heart’s content. For thinktum, it’s imperative that our software deliver real convenience and security while remaining nearly effortless to use. Reach out to us today for a demo.

Software can be complicated to deploy and use as designed. Luckily, we made it easy for anyone to use our liz modules with a minimum of training required. Business users love the control they finally get, and applicants love the fast, friendly experience. The world, as they say, is finally your oyster.

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